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Education and Training


NERCI Organises workshops and seminars in the field of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences and also in the field of Coastal Zone Management. It offers Nansen Fellowships at Universities and institutes in India to conduct doctoral programmes through Memorandum of Understandings for collaborative research. Guiding doctoral and master students for short term internships and Post graduate thesis dissertation in the field of Basic and Advanced science and Engineering disciplines in Earth,Ocean and Atmosphere, Geo-Informatics, Computer Applications, Environmental Engineering, Socio-economics and Coastal Zone Management. Teaching specialized courses at the university level and provide training for masters, doctoral students and early career scientists in areas of Numerical and Satellite data processing, Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS applications. It also facilitate exchange programmes with institutes in abroad conducting research in the above areas.

1. India-EU workshop II on Monsoon and ocean variability, climate change and sea level variations - 11th to 13th Nov. 2013


Nansen Environmental Research Centre India (NERCI) organised a three-days workshop as part of the Indo-European Research Facilities for studies on marine ecosystems and climate in India (INDO-MARECLIM FP7 EU-project) to discuss the current status of scientific work on monsoon and ocean variability in the context of global warming and climate change. One of the objectives of the workshop was to explore possibilities for future collaborations among the participants. The workshop took place at Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort, Kochi, India from 11 to 13 November 2013. Convenor of the workshop was Prof. P V Joseph, NERCI, India and Co-Convener was Dr. Annalisa Cherchi, CMCC, Italy. The main topics selected for the workshop were: 1) Role of Indian Ocean in Monsoon Variability, 2) Rapid warming of Indian Ocean, and 3) Sea level changes in the Indian Ocean. During the workshop aspects of the role of upwelling in the development and intra-seasonal fluctuations of the cold pool of Bay of Bengal, understanding the causes of the rapid warming of the equatorial Indian Ocean, its influence on the Indian summer monsoon and its global teleconnections and change in the sea level particularly over the Indian Ocean were discussed. The workshop hosted 69 participants including 15 from EU. There were 12 invited talks and 11 contributed talks from participants.

2. INDO-MARECLIM winter school on climate change and variability, marine ecosystems and coastal zone management, 2-7 November 2013.

One week Winter School was conducted by NERCI under the auspices of INDO-MARECLIM at Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort, Kochi, India from 2-7 November 2013.

Participants included PhD students, post doctoral fellows and young scientists from Europe and India. 30 participants from 70 applicants were selected by an expert committee consisting of scientists from the consortium partners. Trainees from UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Belgium and India participated in the winter school, which was of a truly international character leading to new friendships and academic involvement.

Participants were trained on the theoretical and practical aspects of ecosystem models, climate models and vulnerability assessment. Experts from India and EU on monsoon and climate change, marine ecosystem studies and coastal zone management took classes in the winter school.

3. Exchange programs as part of EU-FP7 Project and NRC Project

Person-Institute Activity Work Package Period
Trevor Platt & Shubha Satyendranath, PML Preliminary discussion on INDOMARECLIM Project WP2 February 2012
Lasse H. Pettersson,
Ola M. Johannessen, NERSC
CORDEX monsoon conference in Pune and monsoon studies at NERCI WP2 February - March 2012
Annette Samuelsen,
Lasse H. Pettersson,
Ola M. Johannessen, NERSC
GOTM model set up/training at NERCI.
Project planning and coordination.
WP2 + 1 April 2012
Lea Svendsen, NERSC CORDEX monsoon workshop in Pune.
Studies on monsoon variability (PhD).
WP2 October –November 2012
Yongqi Gao, NERSC CORDEX monsoon workshop in Pune. WP3 October 2012
Trevor Platt & Shubha Satyendranath, PML INDOMARECLIM sessions on Remote sensing applications chaired during PORSEC 2012 WP2,3 November 2012
Lasse H.Pettersson,
Ola M.Johannessen, NERSC
EU-INDIA cooperation Days in Hyderabad
WP training at NERCI and PORSEC 2012
WP 2 + 3 October -November 2012
Morten W. Hansen
Natalia Ivanova, NERSC
WP training at NERCI and PORSEC 2012 WP2 November, 2012
Stefan Saux Picart, PML Primary Production(PP) model was set up at NERCI & training given to Smitha & Syam WP2 November 2012
Annemarie Groot, ALTERRA Field study for evaluation of economic status of fisher folk. WP2 November 2012
Ola M. Johannessen,
Lasse H.Pettersson, NERSC
Indo-MARECLIM Marine primary production workshop,
Project networking and management
WP2, & 1 March, 2013
Stefan Saux, PML Planning of joint publication on PP model.
Indo-MARECLIM Marine primary production workshop
WP2 March 2013
Annette Samuelsen, NERSC GOTM model straining at NERCI. WP2 March 2013
Trevor Platt & Shuba Satyendranath, PML Indo-MARECLIM Marine primary production workshop
A Paper using PPmodel Smitha during POGO SCOR fellowship work plan.
WP2,WP3 March 2013
Stephano Ciavatta, PML GOTM ERSEM model training given to Nandini, Syam & Smitha WP2 March 2013
Anton Korosov, NERSC BOREALI algorithm was set up NERCI and training given to NERCI staff WP2 May 2013
Syam Sankar, NERCI At NERSC to use GOTEM ERSEM Model. WP2 May –July2013
Ajith Joseph, K, NERCI NERSC INDO-MARECLIM scientific and financial reporting WP1, WP2 July, 2013
Eddy Moors, Obbe Tuinenberg, Kristein, ALTERRA Socio-economics of climate change.
Evaluation of economic status of fisher folk during different seasons
WP2 March -May 2013
Shinu Sheela Wilson Atmospheric Modelling-under Nansen fellowship WP2 May- July 2014
Syam Work on paper for presentation at AMEMR conference WP2 June -July 2014

4. School of Naval Oceanology and Meteorology (SNOM), INDIAN NAVY, NAVAL BASE, COCHIN

NERCI has been a close associate institute to School of Naval Oceanology and Meteorolgy, of Indian Navy since 2010 as Capt. Vijayakumar, the Officer in Charge of the SNOM inaugurated the Nansen Winterschool in Cherai in February, 2010. Since then SNOM and NERCI have initiated cooperative efforts in joint institute visits and holding lectures in the field of Physical oceanography and Meteorology for the scientists and met officers of both the institutes.

It is in this context, a group of new met officers from Indian Navy has been provided a half day institute visit to NERCI and the scientists of NERCI has delivered key lectures for them to update on the recent trends in ocean modeling and variabilities of Indian monsoon.

Future Training programmes in 2019

• Off campus training programme conducted for IIRS, Dehradhun


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