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Nansen Environmental Research Centre (India),
Amenity Centre,
Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies,
Madavana Junction, Panangad P.O,
Kochi-682506., Kerala, INDIA.

Tel: +91-484-2703351
cell: +91-94473-25564


Details of Infrastructure available for research

Details of laboratory infrastructure


HP High end server

HP PROLIANT DL580 G7 server with four processors with 128GB RAM and 1.86GHz for data storage and computing facilities has been installed at NERCI with sufficient nodes. This is used for the application of Ocean colour retrieval algorithm to estimate chlorophyll-a, TSM and DOC from satellite data, to run the coupled GOTM-ERSEM and the marine primary production (PP) model. The Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) is also being installed in the server to study the Indian monsoon and ocean variability.


a) ArcGIS

ArcGIS 10.1 runs natively on 64 bit Windows and Linux operating systems, providing users with high performance web editing and map caching, on the fly analyses, and imagery exploitation capabilities. This software is used for spatial representation of climate and ecosystem variables from the INDO-MARECLIM.


MATLAB is a commercial package which provides a user friendly interactive programming environment. It is well adapted to numerical experiments which can be modeled easily on the MATLAB platform. Many matrix operations that need heavy computing can be easily accomplished using matrix operations in MATLAB. MATLAB version R2012a is installed at NERCI by MATHWORKS. MATLAB consists of many tools from which some of the tools are chosen. These are curve fitting toolbox (CFALL), parallel computing toolbox (DMALL), Global Optimization Toolbox (GDALL), Image Processing Toolbox (IPALL), Mapping Toolbox (MGALL), Neural Network Toolbox (NNALL), Optimization Toolbox (OPALL) and Statistics Toolbox (STALL). All these tools are currently used b NERCI scientists for in situ as well as modeled data processing and analysis.


Software used for statistical analysis of multivariate data, e.g. species assemblages, physico-chemical variables, genetic, microbial, biomarker, diet, RS, modelling etc. Application extends to studies like environmental effects of oil spills, disturbance or climatic effects on coral reef composition or fish communities, more fundamental biodiversity and community ecology patterns, mesocosm studies with multi-species outcomes etc. the software can be operated on a Windows platform.


UV-Visible spectrophotometer – Shimadzu UV-2700 model supplied with UV-probe software working on 32-bit Windows.

Radiometer (Ocean Profiler II) – Satlantic model with additional sensors for measuring backscattering and reflectance. Work on Sat-view software. Stereo microscope – Magnus

Trinocular research microscope – Olympus CX21i

Weighing balance – Shimadzu UX420H

Water sampler – 2l capacity

Van veen Grab – grasping area of 250

pH meter – Ecotester pH1

Refractometer – Erma model – hand-held 0-100% salinity range

Thermometer – Jenson deluxe

Refrigerator – LG 250l capacity


UPS 2KVA Sl.No.M12070308 with battery

Laser PrinterS – 5 Nos.

Communication eqpt (Wi-fi internet) – 2 Nos.


LCD Projector

AC units - 12

Laptop computers - 5

Desktop PCs - 10

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